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About Erica


At an early age Erica R. Thomas answered her life’s calling: to be of service to others. Erica often states, “I truly believed that my passion to serve was manifested through my trials in life, so I accept challenges as building blocks on the path to success.” Those blocks began to develop when Erica was placed into the foster care system at the age of 15. Moving between six different homes, Erica was abused, but she did not allow this dark experience to dampen her ambitions nor quiet the song of service in heart. Erica worked through the pain and decided that she would save herself, by helping to save others. During her school days, Erica kept straight A’s and was made class president. In 2006, Erica attended Oakwood University where she developed an interest in political science. Erica shared her life lessons through mentoring young girls in her community. Erica taught these young girls to survive in the face of adversity and helped one mentee reconnect with her family after being in a group home for 2 years. Erica’s adamant support for young children urged her to develop “Speak Out Loud.” Erica began this non-profit with the vision of giving a voice to foster kids who have been silenced because of their circumstances. She instills knowledge, ambition, and most importantly a sense of purpose into the lives of young people, so they will be able to take control of their lives and defeat the odds. Speak Out Loud has expanded across the country, and established chapters in Sapeles and Lagos, Nigeria. Erica has been fortunate enough to donate books to Ethiopian primary school children. In her effort to create a better study environment for young children, Erica is working on building libraries across the continent of Africa. In 2013, she received the Ambassador for Peace Award from the Global Peace Foundation. In addition, Erica is the Vice President of Young Democrats of Cobb County and served as Political Chair for the Young Democrats of Georgia. Her most prevalent experience in politics has been her work as the current State Representative for HD39 for the last 2 years . With this experience, she has been involved with getting core legislation passed. Erica knows the prominent issues affecting District 39, and is more than capable of serving the community. 

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